by Sam Tormey

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This album attempts to tell the story of a man on a journey who starts in misery, recognizes his misery, seeks a way out, gets advice form an angel, finds joy in nature, finds joy in spirituality, finds joy in others, then has a spiritual crisis. The journey ends with the man lost in recoil from the crisis.

The title "Vast" comes from four places. First, it comes from the vastly different musical genres this album touches. Second, the vastness of the lyrical subject matter. Third, this album is dedicated to my dad, and my dad and I love contemplating how vast the universe is and how small we are in it when we watch nature documentaries together. Fourth, my dad and I also love reveling in the vastness of literature.


released July 16, 2016

Dedicated to: Dad
Special thanks: Emily Nietfeld



all rights reserved


Sam Tormey Houston, Texas

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Track Name: Melancholy Ocean
In this dark and grimy cave,
I've lived for seven years,
Oh God, oh God,
How did I end up here?

In man's Melancholy Ocean,
I gaze into my reflection,
I cry this sad song,
But one salty tear.

I approach a castle of misery,
I behold its constructors,
Surprise, surprise, surprise,
They're me, myself, and I.
Track Name: Redemptio
Angel: Where did you go? Love is the best thing in life. Love is always worth it. Don't think you can't start. You can choose to be better.

Man: Here am I. I have sin and vice. I have faltered many times. Woe if this clarity dies.

Angel: Love is not easy. You can do your best. Love is not easy. You can do your best.
Man: I want to be better. I could gather virtue. Plant it as a garden. If I die tomorrow, I want to be smiling.

Angel: Redemptio Redemptio Redemptio.
Man: Control my tounge my inner voice. Guide me oh my heart of hearts. Truth come and pierce my soul.
Track Name: By the River
By the River,
I watch it flowing,
Hear it streaming,
Reflections are dancing,
It's always changing,
It keeps on going,
It takes my,

Friends of mine,
Have you lost your joy?
I know it's there,
Underneath your shell,
So lets,

Go to the river,
We'll watch it flowing,
Hear it streaming,
Reflections are dancing,
It's always changing,
It keeps on going,
It takes our,
Track Name: Grass in a Puddle of Rain
I'm like grass in a puddle of rain,
No I can't ever complain,
Dancing in a puddle of rain,
I'll take you to, the place that I, Know best.

I like tree roots in river beds,
I like dandelions wrapped around my head,
Sunlight kissin' my bed,
I'll make those, Wild dogs, cry.
Track Name: Rejoyce
Nader, we rejoyce,
for we have life and God,
what else do we need.

Brother, we run through the emerald grass field,
jumping, playing, sing
Alleluia x 12
Track Name: Bach - Jesu, Joy of Man's Desiring
Hark, what peaceful music brings.
Drink of joy from deathless springs.

There is beauties fairest treasure,
There is wisdom's holiest treasure.
Track Name: Die Tryin
Don't be an anecdote,
Live your life,
Do and be beautiful,
Know what's right.

Don't be afraid,
There is no time,
You're going to die,

Die tryin' x 8

Write your book,
Paint your picture,
Find your strength,
And never lose it.

There's a tiger up ahead,
Now I'm staring in his eyes,
I'm going to fight,

Die tryin' x 8
Track Name: Shattered
God, give me a call,
I feel like a wife,
whose husband leaves at night,
oh God,
where does he go x 4

When you come home something’s off,
Was it my fault?
You made your vow to me,
Was it all nothing?
Is it over now x 4

Now, look me in the eye,
No time for playing games,
I need to know so tell me,
Are you true?
It now or never x 4

I could leave and skip town,
My money is for me,
Ill take my baby,
But you won’t,
Get out of my mind x 4
Track Name: Lost
He came from far away,
We were the rain at the beach,
Forlorn and Dejected,
In the downpour he walks.

His face droops with tears,
Deep blue ocean.

I lost my faith the other day,
Don't suppose I'll find it anyway,
Orphaned in a harsh world.

Will I face the dark nothing,
Will I face it all alone.